1. Threading and subprocess

    I'm having a long-running discussion with some people about threading and why using threads with simple subprocess calls is almost certainly an overcomplicated (== BAD) use of threads. Everyone seems to think I'm wrong (at least, there's either deafening silence or straight out argument ;) and I think I finally figured out …

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  2. Some new terminology?

    In some discussions with a moderately new Python programmer who seems to value complexity over simplicity, I may have coined a new term:

    "Penis size" style of programming -- the (mistaken) belief that the
    more advanced programming language features you use, the more
    impressive your code will look.

    I think it's …

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  3. Google Highly Open Participaton Contest -- another notch in the source code!

    Pavel Vinogradov <fastnix> has been keeping me updated on an issue he discovered while testing TCMalloc with Python as a Google Highly Open Participation (GHOP) task, task 105.

    Briefly, Pavel discovered a situation in which replacing the Python memory allocator with TCMalloc resulted in really bad performance. The latest is …

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  4. Google's AppEngine OneThousand

    At Google Campfire One, v 2.0 -- introducing AppEngine.

    IT'S FREEZING. The cider ran out. Brr.

    Deploying Web apps is annoyingly difficult. Technical hurdles, etc. Need machines. Blech. Costly.

    AppEngine solves all these problems. Runs web apps, handles app lifecycles, apps are run on Google infrastructure can make use of …

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