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  1. Advancing metagenome classification and comparison by MinHash fingerprinting of IMG/M data sets.

    This is our just-submitted proposal for the JGI-NERSC "Facilities Integrating Collaborations for User Science" call. Enjoy!

    1. Brief description: (Limit 1 page)

    Abstract: Sourmash is a command-line tool and Python library that calculates and compares MinHash signatures from sequence data. Sourmash "compare" and "gather" functionality enables comparison and characterization of signatures ...

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  2. Request for Compute Infrastructure to Support the Data Intensive Biology Summer Institute for Sequence Analysis at UC Davis

    Note: we were just awarded this allocation on Jetstream for DIBSI. Huzzah!


    Large datasets have become routine in biology. However, performing a computational analysis of a large dataset can be overwhelming, especially for novices. From June 18 to July 21, 2017 (30 days), the Lab for Data Intensive Biology ...

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