1. Off to MSU - Woo hoo!

    On Thursday, May 15th, I finished my post-doc position at Caltech.

    On Friday, May 16th, I officially started as an Assistant Professor split between Computer Science & Engineering and Microbiology & Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University.

    On Friday evening and Saturday, we hung out down at the Caltech Marine Lab and …

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  2. E-mail is getting really unreliable

    I've been hit by a few different e-mail-related problems over the last few months, and it's becoming intensely frustrating.

    Some servers seem to randomly drop messages from me, for no obvious reason; at least, people don't get one message and then do get another, a day later. gmail may be …

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  3. Threading and subprocess

    I'm having a long-running discussion with some people about threading and why using threads with simple subprocess calls is almost certainly an overcomplicated (== BAD) use of threads. Everyone seems to think I'm wrong (at least, there's either deafening silence or straight out argument ;) and I think I finally figured out …

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