1. Google's AppEngine OneThousand

    At Google Campfire One, v 2.0 -- introducing AppEngine.

    IT'S FREEZING. The cider ran out. Brr.

    Deploying Web apps is annoyingly difficult. Technical hurdles, etc. Need machines. Blech. Costly.

    AppEngine solves all these problems. Runs web apps, handles app lifecycles, apps are run on Google infrastructure can make use of …

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  2. Yahoo is bouncing my mail server's e-mail.

    On top of dreamhost dropping off the 'net just when I posted a bunch of screencasts... our socal-piggies meeting nearly got whacked because this month's organizer uses Yahoo, and most of the messages going through my mail server (which hosts the mailing list) were filed as "spam".

    Now Yahoo is …

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