1. Testing is hard.

    I spent the better part of today refitting Cartwheel for testing. Cartwheel is a bioinformatics framework that is used by a few hundred people; it's mostly a database-backed Web site, with a compute server queueing system tacked on.

    Cartwheel is one of the two sites that got me interested in …

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  2. Some advice on niche OSS projects

    A local friend asked for advice on her OSS project, because her boss is questioning the value of making things OSS. Here's my rambling reply, preserved for posterity:

    There are several de facto models of open source at this level (the
    small niche projects level, that is).
    The first is …
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  3. My final Web Panel proposal (submitted)

    I'll edit http://us.pycon.org/TX2007/WebFrameworksPanel as I update things, but here's the proposal I submitted:

    • Zope (?)
    • CherryPy (Robert Brewer)
    • TurboGears (Kevin Dangoor?)
    • Django (Adrian Holovarty?)
    • Pylons (Ben Bangert?
    • Quixote (Neil?)
    • Twisted web (?)
    • web.py (Aaron Swartz?)
    2 minute presentation by each representative, introducing:
    • point of framework …
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  4. Spammers are funny.

    So, I wrote a custom plugin called 'ocomments' that uses an SQLAlchemy- based database API to assign cookies to users who make comments. That way I can control who has automatic posting access (anyone who posts a sensible message, basically) and who doesn't. I can also toggle comment visibility on …

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