1. E-mail notification via Jabber/iChat

    A simple program to get pinged whenever you get new e-mail:

    #! /usr/bin/env python
    import sys, email
    from pyxmpp.jid import JID
    from pyxmpp.jabber.simple import send_message
    inp = sys.stdin.read()
    message = email.message_from_string(inp)
    jid = 'someid@xmpp.us'
    password, recpt = 'XXXXX', 'otherid@xmpp.us'
    jid = JID(jid …
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  2. Chairing a Web Panel at PyCon

    After learning from Jeff Rush that no one had volunteered (yet) to organize a panel on Web technologies, I stepped up to the plate. I've also submitted a talk proposal about twill/scotch/figleaf and (with Grig) I'm going to submit a proposal for a testing tutorial, so attendees may …

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  3. corebio proceedeth

    corebio, the joint effort by a junta of California bioinformaticians to replace BioPython with something we like better, is proceeding interestingly. So far we have discussed the following issues:

    • what license? (BSD)
    • what focus? (sequence manipulation & parsing)
    • what about binary extensions? (focus on API, provide fast implementations where appropriate, but …
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