PyCon talk & Web panel accepted

So, it looks like I will be giving a talk on twill, scotch, and figleaf at PyCon! One of the reviewers said something very nice, albeit probably unjustified; to quote:

...twill is more or less Py web-developer 101 at this point, so a talk
about it should be enlightening.

Hmm, guess I'd better get twill 0.9 out then, eh? Note to Ian Bicking: I'm planning on talking about some of the Paste/WSGI testing fixtures as well.

Something else that's particularly nice is that I'll be part of a whole talk session on testing. Hint, there's a fun twist to it that I'm sure you'll all appreciate if you come to the session. (If you don't come, then I'm not going to tell you what the twist is -- and you'll be missing out!)

The PyCon Web Panel will also be happening, but I'm a bit more apprehensive about this because it's a big responsibility: if it sucks, I may very well be stoned to death (and rightly so!). Oh, and I need to find people interested in representing, Quixote and twisted.web. (I already have Jim Fulton (Zope), Ben Bangert (Pylons), Adrian Holovaty (Django), Robert Brewer (CherryPy), and probably Kevin Dangoor (TurboGears).) I asked Aaron Swartz and Neil Schemenauer about and Quixote respectively; neither one is coming. Any ideas who to ask about twisted.web?

Please drop me a line if you have thoughts on questions to be asked, people to recruit, or moral support to offer ;).


p.s. No word on the Testing Tutorial yet...

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