1. A new BLAST parser

    I spent the weekend hacking out a BLAST parsing package with pyparsing.

    BLAST is a really common bioinformatics tool used to search large-ish sequence databases, and the NCBI BLAST program is probably the single most heavily used program in bioinformatics by a long shot. Unfortunately, the NCBI folk have a …

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  2. Next: the moooovie

    Just saw Next. Highly recommended, believe it or not -- it was a very intelligently done sci-fi movie.

    Go! See it! You will enjoy it, if you're in the mood for a bit of silliness and some good ol' fashioned paranormal powers!


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  3. Strangling Your Code and Growing Your Test Harness: The 9 Phases of Building Automated Tests Into Legacy Code

    I'm in the early throes of building tests into my Cartwheel project. Cartwheel was one of the two projects that inspired my Web testing project, twill, so naturally I'm happy to finally be putting twill to good use in my own projects. Naturally the transition from building tools for building …

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