Caption contest

So I'm having a little caption contest for this picture of our daughter, Amarie Rose Brown, who is now nearly 6 weeks old (but only four weeks old in this picture).

Captions so far:

  1. "We thought she'd be easier to find, this way."
  2. "Well, someone certainly got lucky."
  3. "Google recruiting is getting pretty speculative!"

If you'd like you can also suggest a reasonable award for a good caption. I don't have any ideas; daddy sleep deprivation has put me in an interesting fugue state.


p.s. Props to Leslie Hawthorn at Google for sending me the swag!

p.p.s. Other cute baby swag welcome. She's in the 0-3 mo range now.

Legacy Comments

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2007-11-15 at 19:33.

Forget the hat, Dad---it's all about the **shares**!

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