Python in the humanities?

I'm writing some proposals to expand support for Python infrastructure (think cross-platform build and test farms a la Snakebite) and for the Mellon Foundation application, I'd like to find out how Python is being used in the humanities. I found NLTK, the Natural Language Toolkit; what else is big?

thanks, --titus

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Posted by Rene Dudfield on 2009-05-06 at 20:44.

Hi,    I guess many projects from the and related projects
would be considered in the humanities and in the arts in general.
Performance art, visual arts, music, literature, games etc.    Also,
some OLPC related projects would be considered in the humanities too.

Posted by Stefano Costa on 2009-05-07 at 16:22.

I'm an archaeologist, so sitting somewhere between humanities and
natural sciences. I've started using Python two years ago and now it's
the main language I use for writing applications and small utilities
(almost everything has been released under a free license). Some links
are at <a
Most applications are quite technical with respect to archaeology
itself, but I think a good deal of the whole cultural heritage sector
is about databases. Python is the upcoming language for a number of
databases management systems at least in Italy. We had a great
workshop about archaeology &amp; free/open source software just last
week, and more than one speaker had been using Python for her/his
work. <a href="">http://www.archeo-</a>    Also, check out the great work done by Sean Gillies
<a href=""></a> at the Ancient
World Mapping Center with Zope for the Pleiades project <a

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