Re Syndication to advogato

Hey cdfrey, ta0kira, I syndicate to advogato because I wanted to syndicate my posts to PlanetPython as well as advogato, at a time when advogato didn't have the tools to do that. Also, this way I can use my own damn editor, on my own damn laptop, to write the posts; I can spell check them, I can write them offline, and I can post them when I damn well please.

And yes, I do damn well read advogato even though I syndicate to it.

And I don't think too many of my posts are horribly off-topic, although I can probably fine-tune them a bit more by using an 'advogato' tag if need be.

Maybe what you should really be complaining about is the lack of tools that let you hide (or unhide) certain posters on a personal basis...


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