The Software Sucks Montage: #1

Here's a small collection of links to take the edge off my general grumpiness at how much software really does suck. Presumably more will follow.

Firefox will be released with many known bugs.

I switched away from Firefox months ago, because it was so unstable and broken. I'm now using Camino -- which is based on the same source code but is way more stable. (In particular, I've had no JavaScript-driven crashes in Camino yet, and the page restore has so far always worked.)

NetworkManager is annoying.

I can't get some GNOME stuff working in emulation, because of this really silly bug caused by certain cards not having carrier detect. Oh, and Ubuntu's wireless network manager can't find my wireless network, either, despite every other OS on the planet (OK, just Windows and Mac OS X ;) having no trouble.

Chandler releases Windmill. While this looks like a really great Web testing tool, I have to wonder about the many recursive software-development-projects-to-help-develop-software open source people tend to work on. (Not that I'm a poster boy for focus or anything...)


Legacy Comments

Posted by Carl Friedrich Bolz on 2007-11-17 at 18:13.

This "80% bugs in Firefox 3" is just nonsense. See for example this
counterargument:    <a href="
makes-firefox-3/</a>    Or look at <a
href=""></a> there
are a lot more refutations there.

Posted by Erich Schwarz on 2007-11-18 at 18:43.

What's the Linux equivalent of Camino?

Posted by Titus Brown on 2007-11-19 at 00:47.

Carl: thanks for the correction.  I'm still skeptical, given the
general downhill trajectory of Firefox in my hands, but I do stand
corrected on the 80% of bugs issue.    Erich: Firefox.  ;)

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