A compendium of testing links.

Selenium/FitNesse testing

Grig and the agile-testing list both sent me some interesting testing links today.

foo gui writes in Integrating Selenium IDE/RC and FitNesse about a neat trick where UI tests can be run via Selenium from FitNesse. (The subtitle is "Automated Web Testing Bliss" ;)

Jeremy Miller discusses Creating a testing DSL with FitNesse and Selenium, wherein he uses FitNesse fixtures to create a domain specific language (DSL) for their applications. He nicely sums up the desire for testing DSLs in one sentence: There's a lot of buzz lately over the creation of Domain Specific Languages (DSL), driven in no small part to create a syntax for the application code that is readable by the business partners and testers.

And to complete the Selenium/FitNesse trifecta, Debora Hartmann posted about STIQ, another FitNesse/Selenium combo.

It's an interesting irony that a company I've been working with adopted twill over Selenium because (among other reasons) it was much easier to integrate twill with FitNesse...

On the subject of twill...

Even though I took a two-month hiatus from twill, the bug reports & feature requests kept on rolling in! I'm hoping to catch up someday soon.


Matz, the Khaki Pugilist.

Dear Lazyweb...

I vaguely recall a very funny cartoon about the software design process, with a rope/tire swing that was sold by a salesman, designed by a software architect, implemented by a programmer, etc. I'd like to use it in a talk about agile testing. Anyone have the URL? Drop me a line - thanks!


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