GUI Testing

Kumar MacMillan pointed me towards GUITAR, a framework built by Atif Memon and others. There's a YouTube video of him and Adam Porter talking at the Google Test Automation Conference (2007).

Looks and sounds interesting. Also nice to note that GUITAR is being open-sourced...


Legacy Comments

Posted by Kumar McMillan on 2008-03-24 at 10:44.

Roughly, it uses introspection to analyze all the possible inputs to
GUI components (Java only, currently) and traces the path to other
components they connect to.  Then it throws all that into a "reactor"
that generates runnable functional tests for each possible input
combination.  He has applied it to 3 popular apps from sourceforge and
already discovered legitimate bugs.  Cool idea!    (It is hard to
understand this by glancing at the site description.)

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