Speeding sourmash the heck up

sourmash is our tool for genome and metagenome investigation. Using and developing it has been a major focus of our lab for over 7 years, and maintaining and extending it is my main passion project. sourmash is a k-mer multitool that enables all sorts of really neat bulk metagenome analyses!

I'm proud to say that last week we released a new version of sourmash, v4.8.6, that continues to improve functionality, increase documentation, and decrease computational requirements. But, you know, we release new versions of sourmash pretty regularly, so that's only moderately exciting :).

A bit more exciting - we are hopefully closing in on an updated Journal of Open Source Software publication via our pyopensci review. I wanted to highlight something very nice one of our reviewers said:

Outstanding work with sourmash! Your commitment to creating a package that's both easily maintainable and well-documented truly shines through. The code is impressively organized, accompanied by clear comments explaining each section, making it easy to comprehend the purpose of each file and function.

It's so nice to have your multiple years of effort be appreciated!

The most exciting news is that we've released a significant update to our branchwater plugin for sourmash. This plugin supplies fast, low-memory, and multithreaded versions of common sourmash functions. Version 0.9.0 of sourmash_plugin_branchwater dramatically improves the convenience of using the plugin while also speeding up a common use case and, perhaps most importantly to us maintainers, making significant moves towards convergence with the core sourmash code base.

What's that, you say?? Fast, low-memory, and multithreaded sourmash functionality?

Yep. Using our test metagenome, the SRR606249 mock community, you can search all 400,000 genomes in the GTDB rs214 release in around 2 minutes and under 2 GB of RAM, using 64 cores. This is 7 fold lower memory than regular ol' sourmash, and approximately 20x faster. Even cooler, if you index GTDB first, you can do it in 600 MB of RAM!

software/version command details time max RAM
sourmash v4.8.6 gather the OG 42m 26s 14.5 GB
branchwater v0.9.0 fastgather against zip 2m 5s 14.1 GB^
branchwater v0.9.0 fastgather against pathlist 2m 26s 1.8 GB
branchwater v0.9.0 fastgather against manifest 2m 19s 1.9 GB
branchwater v0.9.0 fastmultigather against rocksdb 2m 8s 600 MB
branchwater v0.8.6 fastgather against pathlist 2m 24s 1.6 GB
branchwater v0.8.6 fastgather against zip 28m 34s 1.7 GB

^ This benchmark number isn't really real, despite it being reported under Max RSS. The measurement is high because the zip library we're using in Rust uses memmap - actual heap consumption is in the 2 GB range, matching the other approaches. See sourmash#2340 for more info.

Anyhoo. sourmash v4.8.6 and sourmash_plugin_branchwater v0.9.0 are both available via conda & conda-forge. Enjoy!


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