1. What's with the goat?

    A new meme was born at PyCon 2010: The Testing Goat.

    Or, "Be Stubborn. Obey the Goat."

    The goat actually emerged from the Testing In Python Birds of a Feather session at PyCon, where Terry Peppers used slides full of goat in his introduction. This was apparently an overreaction to …

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  2. A Tale of a Bug

    or, "those python-dev people are awesome."

    My experience with the Python bug tracker has been pretty sparse and largely limited to some of the eternaissues like "make HTMLParser deal with even more broken HTML" that never really get resolved because they're not very important and don't have a champion. So …

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  3. GHOP to run again; HELP.

    The contest formally known as GHOP is going to run again this fall, and we need your help.

    Yes, you. YOU, over there in the corner. Stop avoiding this post!

    GHOP, for those of you who don't remember or weren't around 2 years ago, was the very successful pilot sister …

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