1. Seen on the agile-testing list

    Recently seen on a list (with a nasty archival system that I don't want to link to):

    "Don't write a test plan. Instead, test."
                 -- Bret Pettichord

    Need I say more?


    One of the most important tenets of agility (<-- little 'a' ;), in my opinion, is to not overthink. Unless you're …

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  2. Array permutation in Python

    Just saw this, in-place permutation (of a Java array, in this case).

    In Python, if you ignore the battery that's included (random.shuffle) you have this:

    import random
    l = range(0, 20) # array to permute
    for j in range(1, len(l)):
       k = random.randint(0, j)
       l[j], l …
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