1. Two entertaining quotes

    I'm going through some of my saved up e-mail from the last few months, and found these two gems.

    Noah Gift on grokking threads, from the testing-in-python list:

    Trying to understand what massive pools of threads that spawn other
    massive spools of threads, that spawn other massive pools of threads …
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  2. Naive Lazyweb Question: Programmatic Form Editing

    Dear lazyweb,

    I would like to be able to write Python code like the following:

    page_obj = parse(html_code)
    form_obj = page_obj.forms[0]
    form_obj.my_name = 'bob'
    new_html_code = page_obj.emit_html()

    That is, we have an existing HTML form, and I would like to be able to parse it …

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