Python is a ... little language?

Here at MSU, we just had a 40th anniversary celebration of the Computer Science department. As it happens, Carl Page (Sr.) was a founding member of CSE at MSU, and so his son, Carl Page (Jr.) came and participated in a panel. In response to my question about what we should be doing in the CS department to better prepare our students for the future, he commented that our recent move towards Python was good, and that we should push towards more open-source involvement as well. I'm happy with both of those opinions :).

While talking about Python, however, Carl said:

Python is a scrappy little language that plays well with others.

Well, that, or maybe it was:

Python is a crappy little language that plays well with others.

Hmm, which was it??


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Posted by Greg Wilson on 2008-10-07 at 11:33.

Either way, it plays well with others :-)

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