1. Principles and Practices of Scientific Origonology

    heh, this applies to many fields, I think...

    Luis Ibanez
    This presentation is a satire of the current obsession with
    intellectual property, innovation and originality that plagues
    the field of medical image analysis. The presentation makes the
    point that most Journals and Conferences focus on Originality and
    despise Reproducibility and …
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  2. Conversions between classes in Python

    My future colleague, Bill Punch at MSU, is teaching Python to intro CS students. He asks (slightly edited):

    In C++, you can write multiple constructors, each one taking a different type and/or number of arguments. Let's say we are writing a RationalNumber class. I could write 2 constructors:

    class …
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  3. Coming up with GHOP tasks at your Python Interest Group meetings

    If anyone is having a Python Interest Group meeting this month, please consider devoting 15-30 minutes to coming up with random task ideas for the Google Highly Open Participation Contest.


    • tasks must involve Python and Open Source;
    • non-core pet projects are welcome;
    • building screencasts, updating documentation, and adding unit …
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