1. PyCon review process

    We're going through the PyCon '09 review process, and participating in the process has been pretty interesting. (I joined the Program Committee in large part because I was told to put up or shut up after I critiqued PyCon '08. Ahh, the open source world... where you're encouraged to go …

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  2. Missive from a Swing State

    I have a habit of occasionally sending odd e-mails to my postdoc lab mailing list, for reasons that I cannot adequately explain. Here's the latest one:

    Dear Bronner-Fraser Lab,
    I would like to thank you all for your private letters of support;
    between the blizzards of Colorado, the floods of …
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  3. Python is a ... little language?

    Here at MSU, we just had a 40th anniversary celebration of the Computer Science department. As it happens, Carl Page (Sr.) was a founding member of CSE at MSU, and so his son, Carl Page (Jr.) came and participated in a panel. In response to my question about what we …

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