1. Install gplots in R 2.1X

    I've been using EBSeq for a few things lately, and have had trouble getting some of the dependencies installed -- in particular, gplots doesn't seem to be readily available for R 2.14, 2.15, etc. Judging by my Google searches, others have been having the same problems; see e.g …

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  2. Will you join my committee?

    Dear <student>,

    I'd be happy to, but I do have a few conditions/requests based on prior experience with students!

    First, please schedule all of your meetings at least 2 months in advance :)

    Second, a condition for my signing off on your thesis will be that, for any paper for …

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  3. Is "Scientific Data" ever-finer salami-slicing, or is it reducing time to data publication?

    I just read Scientific Data - ultimate salami slicing publishing, in which Pedro Beltrao argues that Nature's new journal is simply another venue for them to suck money out of scientists. Maybe. But I'm strongly considering sending a lot of stuff there, and I really think Pedro is missing something very …

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