Running Software Carpentry instructor training at UC Davis in January, 2015

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Greg Wilson will be giving a two-day Software Carpentry Instructor Training workshop at UC Davis, January 6-7, 2015. This will be an in-person version of the instructor training that Greg runs every quarter; see my blog post about the first such instructor training, here to get some of idea of what it's like. Note that the training is necessary for those who want to become accredited Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry instructors.

If you're interested in further information, go subscribe to this github issue; we should have room for a dozen extra people to attend. Anyone is welcome, including people unaffiliated with UC Davis.

NOTE: This workshop is hosted by my new lab, but I am seeking additional support; drop me a line if you're interested in co-sponsoring the workshop.

On January 8th, I plan to run a third day of activities. The three things I have tentatively planned are,

  1. run people through the GitHub Flow process of contributing to a github repository, as in our hackathon (also see our writeup here);
  2. walk people through our process for generating maintainable command-line tutorials, recipes, and protocols (more on that at ABIC);
  3. have an open discussion about what and how to do training in data intensive biology at Davis.

This third day of activities is going to be more restricted in attendance than the first two days, but if you're into teaching computation and biology and want to see how we're doing things, drop me a note ( and I'll see if we can fit you in.


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