Yahoo is bouncing my mail server's e-mail.

On top of dreamhost dropping off the 'net just when I posted a bunch of screencasts... our socal-piggies meeting nearly got whacked because this month's organizer uses Yahoo, and most of the messages going through my mail server (which hosts the mailing list) were filed as "spam".

Now Yahoo is actively bouncing my e-mail.

... You can see for yourself that isn't a known spam relay, isn't open, etc. It's just Yahoo looking at the volume of mail being sent and going "hey! wait a sec!" and listing me as a spam host.



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Posted by Ewout ter Haar on 2008-03-27 at 06:06.

This happened to us, and I don't know what to do about it. I also
suspect that it was the mailing rate that triggered it. It was the
default setting of postfix, but I guess Yahoo didn't like it. Nobody
answers the mail or phone and I can't get it resolved.

Posted by Robert on 2008-03-28 at 14:26.

Yahoo uses domain keys for verification and spf. Make sure you are
using them or you email provider is.

Posted by Steve on 2008-03-28 at 15:10.

I think the solution, extreme as it sounds, is some global law (no
such thing, can't happen, I know) that finally brings a small charges
for email, a penny or two for each email.    It would largely wipe out
spam, and thus:    - Relieve the frustration that you described, since
there would less (or none) incidences of mis-identifying spammers    -
Less time spent configuring spam filters and checking your junk mail
box to see if your provider (gmail, yahoo, etc) inaccurately junked
it.   The only cons would be: putting some employeed programmers out
of business who work on anti-spam software.    And of course having to
pay for the email, but if you don't regularly send mail, it could be
less than 5 bucks a year

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