Translation tasks for GHOP

So, the Google Highly Open Participation Contest is going quite well for Python, with about 25 additions/reworkings of core CPython documentation and tests and dozens of contributions to other projects.

One of the really unique opportunities that GHOP offers for the Python community is being underutilized, however, and that is the potential for doc, example, and tutorial translation. Students from all over the world can participate in GHOP, and we are happy to post tasks that have them translate things for Python projects.

For example, as a result of Andre Roberge's involvement in GHOP, we've had quite a few different translations made up for Crunchy -- as of today, these include German, Hungarian, Esperanto, Portuguese, Italian, Macedonian, Estonian, and Spanish.

I'm happy to write up the task descriptions for Python projects if you give me specific documents or example scripts that need translations. Bear in mind that these tasks don't need to be too big, and in fact if they're particularly small we can always request a screencast demo in a particular language.

I think translation tasks fit especially well with the GHOP project because they encourage involvement in new projects by younger, potentially less experienced students, and the translated docs facilitate wider project use (and hopefully participation) by others.

So, please, get in touch with us over at the Python GHOP project or just e-mail me personally.


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