Adding disqus, Google Analytics, and github edit links to ReadTheDocs sites

Inspired by the awesomeness of disqus on my other sites, I wanted to make it possible to enable disqus on my sites on ReadTheDocs. A bit of googling led me to Mikko Ohtamaa's excellent work on the Plone documentation, where a blinding flash of awesomeness hit me and I realized that github had, over the past year, nicely integrated online editing of source, together with pull requests.

This meant that I could now give potential contributors completely command-line-free edit ability for my documentation sites, together with single-click approval of edits, and automated insta-updating of the ReadTheDocs site. Plus disqus commenting. And Google Analytics.

I just had to have it.


Basically, I took Mikko's awesomeness, combined it with some disqus hackery, refactored a few times, and, well, posted it.

The source is here.

Two things --

I could some JS help disabling the 'Edit this document!' stuff if the 'github_base_account' variable isn't set in page.html'. Anyone? See line 105 of page.html. You can edit online by hitting 'e' :).

It would be nice to be able to configure disqus, Google Analytics, and github editing in, but I wasn't able to figure out how to pass variables into Jinja2 from It's probably really easy.

But otherwise it all works nicely.

Enjoy! And thanks to Mikko, as well as Eric Holscher and the RTD team, and github, for making this all so frickin' easy.


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