RSS feeds are up.

I fixed a problem in the tagging plugin (which was really a bug in the way I was entering tags, sigh) so now I can provide RSS feeds based on my tags. This is important because I want to continue being syndicated on planetpython/planet.python, but I don't want to spam Python people with unrelated Python posts.

For the record, the "root" RSS feed is and the Python-specific tag feed is (I love pyblosxom!)

Legacy Comments

Posted by will on 2006-09-18 at 19:18.

The RSS flav is RSS 0.9.1 and it's <em>awful</em>.  I tossed around
forcing everyone to switch over to RSS 2.0, but then decided not to.
Anyhow, it's much much better to use the atom flav or the rss20 flav.
Both of those have dates on the entries and the information in the
feed itself is better.    Hope that helps.  If not, you know where to
find me.  /will

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