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Ran across this diary entry from wainstead, and just wanted to mention that this sort of thing (replaying HTTP traffic) is something that I do with scotch quite successfully. It hasn't proven to be particularly useful in my own projects yet, but it has been nice when debugging JavaScript-y web sites for clients.

(wainstead, if you see this, you might take another look at twill. Yes, it's in Python, but we can have the mortal combat about languages AFTER you see if it helps you solve your problem(s) ;). It integrates well with scotch, does HTTP and HTTPS, and can be integrated with unit test frameworks quite easily. I see you've already tried it, so I'd like to hear what problems you had with it.)


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Posted by Steve Wainstead on 2007-02-22 at 17:59.

Hey Titus! Thanks for the reply on advogato.    I did look at twill; I
think the reason I didn't use it was because I'd have to roll my own
testing stuff then (did the page say "Parse error"? Things like that).
And anything I looked at that used a proxy server couldn't do https.
Does scotch get around that?    I have no fear of Python :o) I did a
lot of LDAP and DB2 scripts with Python up until about a year ago.

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