PyCon 2013 talks I really don't want to see

There's been a lot of discussion about PyCon talks that we do want to see. Here's a brief list of those I don't want to see, for those of you considering a submission -- in no particular order.

  1. 1001 Mocking Frameworks - a comparison and overview
  2. Long Live Twill
  3. Zope vs. Django - why Zope was right all along
  4. Why We Need More Men in Python - a Diversity discussion
  5. Centralized Version Control - it's the future
  6. Guido van Rossum on Python 4k - it's the future
  7. Running Python under Windows on my Superboard II
  8. Lists - way more useful than you ever thought
  9. What the Python Community Can Learn from Java
  10. Solving Easy Problems - my very own customized approaches

Any other ideas? Add 'em or send me links :)


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