The PyCon Web Panel

So, I'm the organizer/moderator of the PyCon Web Panel. This will be a forum for maintainers of many of the main Python Web frameworks -- Jim Fulton/Zope, Ben Bangert/Pylons, Adrian Holovaty/Django, Robert Brewer/CherryPy, and Kevin Dangoor/TurboGears -- to discuss their take on Python, the Web, and the future. I've also invited James Tauber, the maintainer of pyjamas, to join the panel, since his talk on pyjamas got turned down and I've heard great things about pyjamas.

I've also invited some people from the Quixote and twisted.web/Nevow community to join us. Aaron Swartz ( wasn't available, unfortunately.

Grig is also hosting a Testing Tools Panel, and I'll be representing twill on that.

Here are a couple of panel-relevant links from Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Panels, How to be a Great Moderator, and How to Kick Butt on a Panel.

I'll post some of the panel ideas I've had soon.


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Posted by Ian Bicking on 2006-10-31 at 18:38.

Those aren't very pointed questions... I don't think everyone should
answer the same questions.  Too many people, too little time to make
useful responses.  Instead I think it's better to target things that
are interesting or some key questions targetted on a per-framework
basis.  And challenge the participants directly -- especially with
questions given to them ahead of time, it's fair to give questions
that aren't neutral.

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