PyCon travel is cursed!

Last year, Grig and I flew down to Dallas together to attend PyCon. I don't recall the exact problem, but for some reason the plane didn't go and we ended up flying through Houston and missing our original flight to Dallas. (We did have some unreasonably yummy BBQ in Houston, so that was an unexpected plus.)

The curse has continued.

Right now, I'm sitting in an airport, using Boingo to connect to the Internet (an excellent $30/mo expenditure, thus far). My first plane was cancelled due to mechanical malf (an America West gig); I didn't make it off of standby for my second plane; and now, barring oddities, I'm definitely booked on to a 3:30 flight.

Better luck to the rest of you...

Is anyone reading this who wants to share a taxi ride at ~8:30pm over to the Dallas Marriott Quorum from DFW? E-mail me by 2:30pm Pacific time... ;)


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Posted by Diane Trout on 2007-02-22 at 11:03.

I sure hope this curse doesn't extend to going to San Antonio. Hope
things are going well at your tutorial.

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