PyCon Tip of the Day

I'm at PyCon, and I have a tip for people: don't stay at the same hotel as everyone else.

My hotel room Internet connection is great, perhaps in part because I'm not sharing it with the rest of the PyCon attendees! (Plus it's free -- the DoubleTree wireless Internet doesn't charge you for a connection, unlike the Crowne Plaza hotel that's hosting PyCon.)

I look forward to seeing everyone from last year & meeting new people; look me up, guys!


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Posted by Adam Gomaa on 2008-03-13 at 18:08.

Hrm, my wifi in the lobby is great, and I didn't have to log in or
anything like that...     BTW, looking forward to your tutorial in
(checks) an hour!

Posted by Adam Gomaa on 2008-03-13 at 21:01.

Okay, I concede the point: once we got int the tutorial room, it took
me forever to connect. But I did eventually get on... obviously :D

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