PyCon '07 Talk -- source code

I've put together a brief discussion, with links to the source code, surrounding the demos I did at PyCon '07 during my testing tools talk. Here's a brief TOC:

# Demo 1: Testing CherryPy
# Demo 2: Testing CherryPy without exec'ing a process
# Demo 3: Basic code coverage analysis with figleaf
# Demo 4: More interesting code coverage analysis with nose and figleafsections
# Demo 5: Writing a simple twill extension to do form "fuzz" testing
# Demo 6: Django fixtures for twill/wsgi_intercept
# Demo 7: Recording and examining a Django session with scotch
# Demo 8: Convert the Django session into a twill script
# Demo 9: Replaying the Django session from the recording

You can read the discussion at This document also contains links to download the source code.



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