Some project changes

I'm switching several projects from darcs to either git on github, or svn on Google Code.

twill, a simple Web testing tool/HTTP driver in Python, was switched over to Google Code several months ago: see I'll post more on twill development soon, I hope.

I just put scotch in the twill svn as well. scotch is an HTTP recording and playback tool written in Python with WSGI interfaces.

I also moved figleaf to github, at figleaf is a flexible code coverage recording and analysis tool for Python.

This move will hopefully open up development a bit more; I've been inactive for too long, and I feel that one obstacle to participation in these projects has been my self-hosting of the DVCS archives in darcs.

Note, I will probably move pinocchio, pygr-draw, zounds, and blastparser over to github as well, whenever I get around to it. I'm planning to decomission my darcs repository as I swizzle machines around while moving my virtual home over to MSU; the URLs will still work for pulling, but I'm going to stop pushing things to them.


Legacy Comments

Posted by gioby on 2009-02-18 at 04:16.

The problem with github is that there is not a clear way to integrate
it with a bug tracker.    I have temporanely solved the problem by
using a flat-file based bug  tracker, called ditz
(    Maybe you can find it useful :)

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