How to teach newbies about Python

Inspired by the brilliant mind(s) behind, here's a list of ideas you can use to help newbies learn Python!

  1. Write Web pages with overly broad self-granted authority. That way they'll sound authoritative!
  2. Make sure they're anonymous pages, too. It's important that people not recognize that "Commandment" means "My Opinion", especially in the presence of actual Python community-level commandments. You know, like "we're switching to Python 3".
  3. Keep it short. Nobody wants to overwhelm people with, umm, information.
  4. Have a favorite toolkit? Push it!
  5. Oh, wait -- does your favorite toolkit only really address one particular problem? That's OK! Naive technical discussions are just fine -- opinions only, information just gets in the way!
  6. Remember, keep that self-authority coming!

Seriously, I gather that these are the folk helping out on the #python channel on IRC. Gawd help us.


p.s. I stumbled across it when someone pointed it out to me as a reason to not prioritize Python 3 for a GSoC project.

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Posted by Greg Wilson on 2010-04-26 at 21:25.

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