BioPython is ??? Long live corebio!

I've said some mean things about BioPython in the past -- that it's broken, that it's crufty, etc. One prominent former BioPython developer responded with the very reasonable question of why I wasn't fixing it, if it was so broken. The answer, of course, is that I've been working on my PhD, and for some very sound reasons I didn't want to put in the effort yet.

Luckily Gavin Crooks was under no such constraint, and he put together corebio. This last week, he and I and some other local bioinformaticians connected, and we're going to try to turn corebio into a replacement for some of the core functionality of BioPython.

If you're a Python programmer who is into bioinformatics, we'd love to have you. please contact me or Gavin Crooks to join the corebio mailing list. The more the merrier!

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Posted by Grig Gheorghiu on 2006-09-18 at 12:52.

Let's see if this comment goes through. Cool to see corebio using
Google Code BTW.

Posted by Grig Gheorghiu on 2006-09-18 at 15:10.

OK, this is the last comment on this post, I promise. So you have a
gmail account now -- we can use Google Chat to IM!!!! You love IM-ing,
don't you?!!

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