What biologists need to know about cyberinfrastructure

I recently attended an NSF BIO directorate meeting about cyberinfrastructure needs. Here's a list of training & education challenges identified at that meeting:

  • development and adaptation of tools to archive data and metadata from diverse sources to enable data mining
  • integration of structured and unstructured data from heterogenous data sources
  • discussion of standard methods for assessing data quality based on standard protocols
  • approaches and tools for sharing data within and beyond centers prior to publication
  • investigation and understanding of private and public cloud-based approaches
  • tools and software for better distributed project participation and management
  • visualization approaches
  • online/asynchronous training materials
  • modeling approaches and practice
  • training in open-source-style software development practices
  • development of metadata and semantic standards
  • information and training on software & data reusability best practices, and minimum information standards
  • assessment technologies for how biologists learn computational approaches
  • experience in using, adapting, and creating workflows
  • development, linkage, and assessment of cross-scale models
  • distance teaching approaches and assessment
  • approaches to streaming data analysis

What did we miss? ;)


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