1. PyCon talk & Web panel accepted

    So, it looks like I will be giving a talk on twill, scotch, and figleaf at PyCon! One of the reviewers said something very nice, albeit probably unjustified; to quote:

    ...twill is more or less Py web-developer 101 at this point, so a talk
    about it should be enlightening.

    Hmm …

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  2. Learning Python as a CS Professor

    Here's a (slightly edited) message from Bill Punch, a professor at MSU who is hoping to transition their Intro CS class over to Python. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments, both on his questions and my responses! (I do have permission to post it, in case you're wondering. ;)

    (Just …

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  3. On Shortbus

    This nice Guardian review of Shortbus has a few good quotes. (When reading these, bear in mind that the film shows a certain amount of explicit sexual activity.)

    One quote, recounting a discussion with his (conservative Christian) parents about the film:

    Have they watched Shortbus?
    'No, they said, "Well, you …
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