1. PyCon travel is cursed!

    Last year, Grig and I flew down to Dallas together to attend PyCon. I don't recall the exact problem, but for some reason the plane didn't go and we ended up flying through Houston and missing our original flight to Dallas. (We did have some unreasonably yummy BBQ in Houston …

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  2. PyCon Web Panel Thoughts

    First, let me mention that I've recruited Duncan McGreggor to the panel to talk about twisted.web and Nevow. That makes it a real party! In random order, we now have:

    • Zope: Jim Fulton
    • Pylons: Ben Bangert
    • Django: Adrian Holovaty
    • CherryPy: Robert Brewer
    • TurboGears: Kevin Dangoor
    • pyjamas: James Tauber
    • twisted …
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