Some resources for the data science ecosystem

ref my talk at CSUPERB, "Data Science is, like, the new critical thinking!" --

Training and teaching - the home base for Data Carpentry, which runs two day workshops around the world and has an instructor training program that teaches people to teach their materials. - the home base for the UC Berkeley "Foundations of Data Science" course. All open/free materials running with open source tools.

Reading and background

Influential works in Data-Driven Discovery, a paper by Mark Stalzer and Chris Mentzel, that outlines topics that probably fit within the "data science" field.

Project Jupyter: Computational Narratives as the Engine of Collaborative Data Science, a grant proposal by the Jupyter team.

Some Web sites worth visiting - a Web site for running Jupyter Notebooks in the cloud, for free! Try out my Monty Hall problem notebook! (or see the source).

Media for thinking the unthinkable by Bret Victor - an inspiring video lecture that I happened across as I was preparing my talk...

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