Notes from "How to grow a sustainable software development process (for scientific software)"

I gave a presentation at the BEACON Center's coding group this past Monday; here are my notes and followup links. Thanks to Luiz Irber for scribing!

My short slideshow: here

The khmer project is on github, and we have a tutorial for people who want to try out our development process. khmer has ~5-10 active developers and has had ~60 contributors overall.

Growing a development process

How can you grow a process that meets your needs?

  • use version control and develop on branches;
  • create a checklist to use when merging branches into master;
  • follow the checklist!

(For more checklist motivation, see The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.)

We do the above as part of our GitHub flow-based development approach.

tl;dr? Grow your checklist slowly, but make everyone adhere to it.

What goes on your checklist?

Ideas for things that could go on your checklist:

  • I ran the tests and they passed!
  • Someone else ran the tests and they passed!
  • A computer ran the tests automatically and they passed! (Continuous Integration)
  • The code formatting guidelines are met. (> 2 people with different coding styles? CHAOS.)
  • The code coverage guidelines are met.
  • A spellchecker was run.
  • Changes were described in a ChangeLog.
  • Commit messages make sense.
  • Code coverage didn't decrease.
  • Checks on specific types of features ("Script parameters should be documented").

I also strongly suggest a two-person merge rule (the primary developer of a feature can not merge that feature); this helps ensure the checklist is followed :)

You can see our checklist for khmer here.


It's important to make the checklist as lightweight as possible, and making sure it addresses useful "pain points" in your developer process; there's a line where people start ignoring the checklist because there's less direct value.

There's no reason to start heavy; you can grow your checklist slowly, as your project accrues experience and developers turn over.


Development process goals

Add features quickly (by using branches) while keeping technical debt manageable!

The concept of technical debt is key - if you let cruft accrue in your codebase, eventually your entire codebase will become unmaintainable and unmanageable.

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