khmer development sprint: Feb 19-20 and 23-25th, 2015

Michael R. Crusoe and I are throwing a sprint!

Somewhat in the vein of last year's mini-Hackathon, Michael and I and other members of the lab are going to focus in on reviewing contributions and closing issues on the khmer project for a 5 day period.

To track the sprint, subscribe to the github issue.

Michael and I will be working ~9-5pm Eastern, Thu/Fri/Mon/Tues/Wed, Feb 19-25th (so weekend excepted), and people are welcome to drop in anytime. We are planning to focus on khmer, screed, khmer-protocols, and khmer-recipes; other lab projects (like paper pipelines or workshop materials) are fair game, too. We'll have a list of issues posted for people who are looking for a small task.

We don't have any particular physical location reserved, but you're welcome to join us at Michigan State University to hang out in person. We also plan to be fully online-enabled within the 9-5pm EDT period, and will have a Google Hangout running that anyone can join. We can also set up one-to-one video conferences and screen sharing with people who need help. (We will not be working outside of those hours: family, sanity, etc.)

Here are reasons you might want to join us:

  • you're interested in seeing the "github flow" model in action, for scientific software (including automated tests, continuous integration, code review, and a pre-merge checklist!);
  • you have a particular bug or problem you want to fix in any of our software;
  • you work for or with the lab;
  • you want to see some of the technical underpinnings of our approach(es) to open science;

Again, subscribe here to be kept in the loop as our plans progress. And check out our WSSPE report on last July's hackathon!

cheers, --titus

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