Contacting or joining

Contacting us

Please contact Dr. (C.) Titus Brown directly at

If you’re going to ask him for a recommendation letter, please read this blog post by Jonathan Eisen first. Titus would like to be asked at least two weeks before the deadline!

Joining the lab

Our research largely centers around making sense of biological data, which involves working with many different “wet lab” and field biologists on data analysis from many different systems. We are also very interested in sustainable scientific software development practice and open source software development. We are interested in working with computer scientists, biologists, physicists, engineers, and more.

If you are interested in graduate school, please apply to UC Davis through an appropriate program before contacting Titus – the lab takes students from the CS grad group, as well as others. (The home grad group should rarely be an obstacle to joining the lab.)

If you are already a UC Davis student and would like to visit the lab, please contact us directly.

If you are interested in coming to UC Davis to work with Dr. Brown, please contact him via e-mail with your C.V. and a (short!) description of what you’re interested in doing.

In all cases, please indicate that you have read this Web site by including the phrase “skylar dragon” in your e-mail. I will use this to filter out people who don’t know how to use google or have too short an attention span to read my lab Web site thoroughly.

Collaborating with the lab

We prefer to teach and train others in doing their own data analysis, rather than collaborating on it – see our training efforts. However, in cases where the data analysis may require the development of novel methods, please get in touch!

Asking Dr. Brown to be on your PhD committee

Please read this blog post - then contact Titus if those terms are reasonable.