Will you join my committee?

Dear <student>,

I'd be happy to, but I do have a few conditions/requests based on prior experience with students!

First, please schedule all of your meetings at least 2 months in advance :)

Second, a condition for my signing off on your thesis will be that, for any paper for which you're a first author,

  1. all of the raw data be made available on publication of the research, as is typically required for publication (but mostly honored in the breach);
  2. you faithfully record details of any and all computational programs that you execute, and make them available in the methods or supplemental info;
  3. if you or anyone else ends up writing analysis scripts used in your research, those scripts must be placed under version control from day 1, and made available as part of your thesis and any publications;

I would expect you to report yearly on these efforts as part of your writeup.

Third, when you ask for letters of rec, please ask at least two weeks in advance, and also follow Jonathan Eisen's instructions.

If these conditions are OK, then sign me up!



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