The "Avida three" ride again.

Just got news that the BEACON NSF Science and Technology Center for the study of Evolution in Action funded Chris Adami to come do a sabbatical here at Michigan State University for the next year. This puts me, Chris, and Charles Ofria at the same institution (now MSU, then Caltech) for the first time since 1993, other than a brief overlap in ~2000. 1993 was when we designed and implemented Avida. (Avida must be one of the most long-lived summer research projects ever...)

Should I be upset that Charles and Chris both have Wikipedia pages, and Charles is an Associate Professor and Chris a full Professor, while I am only a lowly Assistant Prof, even though I'm only a year younger than Charles? Naah -- I don't have any grey hair yet. I'll take the trade... ;)

The "family" has also grown. We are all married, 2 of us have kids, and we all have a bunch of students and postdocs, too. It's gettin' crowded around here: should be fun!


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