Three good posts on gender/privilege imbalance

Over the past year of PyCon, #sciox, and other gender imbalance/harassment/sexism discussions that I've seen on Twitter and blogging, I've run into a few posts on these matters that stood out to me in terms of clarity, logic, and/or good instruction for me. I'm sharing them below because I think they're really good, and because it's time to get them out of my inbox ;).

I'd welcome pointers to other good posts that have affected readers personally.

The comment section of this blog post isn't the place for critical discussion of these issues, however; I'm just interested in spreading the word about these (and other) good posts. So, I plan to moderate stricly and ruthlessly.


The Distress of the Privileged, by Doug Muder.

This post brought the concept of "privilege" and "distress" home to me in a really useful way. I've read plenty of other explanations but this one stuck in my memory.


Mixed Up, by Kathleen Raven.

What I "like" about this post (as in, what makes it super excellent) is that all of the things on the list are inappropriate and indefensible in a professional setting.


On TRUCEConf, by Jacob-Kaplan Moss.

To quote, """TRUCEConf continually mentions "both sides". What exactly are these two sides? (Spoiler alert: they don't exist.)"""



p.s. See note about comments, above. Feel free to send me your own blog post links if you have comments or want to start a discussion.

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