Principles and Practices of Scientific Origonology

heh, this applies to many fields, I think...

Luis Ibanez

This presentation is a satire of the current obsession with
intellectual property, innovation and originality that plagues
the field of medical image analysis. The presentation makes the
point that most Journals and Conferences focus on Originality and
despise Reproducibility and Verification, demonstrating great
disrespect for the essential elements of the scientific
method. The practice of "peer-review" is offered in most cases as
an insufficient substitute for the actual verification of
reproducibility. In a nutshell, this presentation intends to
brings awareness to the fact that authors of papers are treated
by Publishers as if they were writers of Novels instead as
reporters of scientific findings. In that confusion, authors are
required to be "original" (as if they were writing Novels or
Plays) instead of being required to report "reproducible"
findings. Such practice obliterates critical thinking and erodes
the basic principles of the scientific community.

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