My lab is awesome (and what it is I actually do)

For anyone who actually wants to know what it is I do, I've updated my lab Web site,, to be a bit more representative of what it is we're doing these days. (I wrote it over three years ago, so it's been becoming increasingly dated.) In particular,

  • I put up my reappointment essay, in which I explain to Those Who Judge what my career goals are and why they should keep me around (short version: because I'm awesome! longer version: read the PDF).
  • I've posted a couple of grant proposals on the interests page
  • our list of interests has been updated;

etc. Probably should update the list of students/lab members a bit, too... hrm.

I also added something special to the "joining the lab" bit so that I can delete the more silly "I want you to hire me" spam that I get from wannabe students.


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