Casual mentions

(Everyone needs an "I'm wonderful" wall, right? Here's mine!)

My rather snarky post on data management made it into Episode 34 of the Coast to Coast Bio Podcast.

Turns out I'm now a leading evangelist for cloud computing in genomic research, which I guess is true if evangelism is relative! My evangelism, plus 2 bucks, may get me a cup of coffee and a grant...

The long and detailed k-mer filtering post elicited a great comment from Nick Loman:

with blogposts like this, who needs peer-review journals?

Unfortunately my blog posts don't count for promotion & tenure, so that would be me needing peer-review journals ;). I also am sadly amused that one of the most content-ful blog posts I've written recently got very little notice. It's frustrating that people seem to prefer to kibitz about open access/open source more than actually blogging in detail about what they're doing at a technical level. We need more of that.

Greg Wilson just posted an interview with me about why Michigan State, GEDD, and I are all interested in Sotware Carpentry. I told him to stop bothering me and just read my several blog posts on the subject, but he out-persisted me. Grumble.

And finally, next week I'm going to start a blog-off with Jonathan Eisen as we'll both be at a Terabase Metagenomics meeting. (He doesn't know about the blog-off yet, so don't tell him, ok?) Points will be awarded on --

  • first blogpost on the worst -omics word comign from the meeting (we re-invented "predictomics" in my lab last Friday!)
  • snarkiest comment
  • quickest tweet off the mark ("just 10 seconds ago the speaker said this!")
  • least scientifically relevant tweet

I'm hoping to gin up a solid lead before Jonathan realizes we're competing. Shhh.


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