What should I teach about Jupyter?

What are the most concretely useful, interesting, awesome or neat things about Project Jupyter?

Over here at the Lab for Data Intensive Biology, we're putting on a workshop on Project Jupyter notebooks (the notebook system formerly known as IPython Notebook). This will be a two-day hands-on workshop, Carpentry-style, with the goal of introducing students to the concept and practice of notebook-based data narratives. We also want to showcase the technology and ecosystem a bit.

This puts me in a bit of a bind, because while I am strong proponent of IPython Notebook for reproducibility and teaching, I don't have an awful lot of experience with anything beyond the default Python kernel and Notebook interface.

So my question to the blogosphere: what, beyond the basics, would you suggest demonstrating to people? Here is the menu from which I am planning to choose 5-6 topics and demos - suggestions and pointers welcome! (Note that I'm not looking for particular notebooks but rather demonstrations and concepts that show off the possibilities!)

Additional suggestions? Specific pointers?


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